In Memory of CHS Board Member – Jerome Eichert


The Cincinnati Horticultural Society lost one of its most beloved board members, Jerome (Jerry) Eichert, on August 28, 2019,  age 91. Jerry joined the Cincinnati Horticultural Society in its fledgling years when the CHS was searching for an accountant, treasurer, bookkeeper, and Jack of all trades for the Cincinnati Flower Show operations. He remained for 29 years serving as treasurer, board member, and invaluable volunteer until he passed. Jerry understood every facet of operations for the Cincinnati Flower Show and worked tirelessly at the Show every year from its inception in 1990, managing the gate, tickets, bookkeeping, and banking. He was a generous, funny, smart, and totally non-judgmental individual. During his 91 years, he will be remembered as a gentleman and a leader whose accomplishments touched so many more people than we will ever know.  Jerry shared his many talents and expertise with various other charitable organizations including St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, The Cincinnati World Piano Competition, and The Literacy Council of Clermont and Brown Counties, where he tutored students and aspiring readers.


“ Chairman of the CHS Board, Cynthia Muhlhauser commented, “ I was fortunate to have had Jerry as my trusted advisor, friend, and mentor. I will always remember Jerry for his rational and objective problem-solving skills when the board faced any obstacle or question. We all enjoyed his dry sense of humor while he administered his advice.


He possessed an incredible memory for details about each Flower Show and thus became the de facto historian.  Jerry was a financial wizard who kept our books and affairs in order and managed the budget for each Cincinnati Flower Show. The Cincinnati Horticultural Society cannot express adequate appreciation for the countless contributions Jerry made, from the moment he joined us in 1990 until he passed in 2019. ”


Past President, Director of Shows and founder of the Cincinnati Horticultural Society, Mary Margaret Rochford, commented, “During the early years of the Cincinnati Flower Show, we were looking for a treasurer… a distinguished, extremely professional looking gentleman arrived. Jerry jumped in head first, came in every day and organized the bookkeeping, set up a system to sell tickets, and take cash at the show. I’m not sure how we would have done it without him. He did the job of at least three people. He had a terrific sense of humor. He never looked for a thank you. Jerry was a major part of the Flower Show for over twenty-five years.  We were successful due in a large part to the totally unselfish efforts of Jerry.”


Past Chairman of the Board, Frank Welsh, commented, ” From its (CHS) founding in 1989, Jerry Eichert was a pillar of stability in the tumultuous life of the largely volunteer Cincinnati Horticultural Society. He gave generously of his time, his talent, and his treasure to keep the CHS on an even keel. He was much loved and admired by all.”


Board member, Jeane Elliott wrote,  ” A  man for all seasons is my first thought when remembering Jerry, an endearing man who spread kindness, compassion, and optimism. A man ready to cope with any contingency and his behavior was always appropriate. Jerry loved life, people from all walks of life, and with a generous heart he enjoyed each day with a sense of humor.”



Past Chairman of the Board, Kevin O’Dell, wrote  “Jerry has always been saying prayers for his family, friends and the many people that have been blessed by his humble and giving nature. I know Jerry from his association with the CHS. Through all the hard work, and as frantic a situation of producing the world-class Cincinnati Flower Show could be, Jerry kept the rest of us calm. I mourn his passing but celebrate his life!”


Jerry is survived by his wife, Jean, five children, ten grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.